Pegasus Senior Living

The Pegasus Senior Living brand was founded as a new venture between longtime friends Steven Vick and Chris Hollister in 2018, when the two were approached by Welltower — the country’s largest senior housing real estate investment trust (REIT) — to turnaround 36 of its former Brookdale Senior Living communities.

Armed with more than 50 combined years of experience in the senior living space, Vick and Hollister — now the Pegasus CEO and chairman, respectively — set out to create a network of retirement communities constructed upon four fundamental principles: integrity, dignity, personalization, and choice.

Today, with nearly 40 of its own properties spread throughout 13 states, the Pegasus brand has quickly matured to become synonymous with quality senior care.


No matter the level of senior care — independent living, assisted living, or memory care — residents of Pegasus Senior Living receive nothing less than the most enriching and fulfilling experience possible.

Services are provided to fully address the unique needs and requirements of every resident, but the premise remains the same.

Independent Living

Independent living services at Pegasus Senior Living are for those residents who yearn for a lifestyle that is active yet contains small instances of assistance when needed.

All independent living residents enjoy all of the same amenities as those who require a little more assistance — daily nutritious meals, laundry and housekeeping services, and transportation services — but they are also encouraged to exercise their ability to venture off community grounds in their vehicle or prepare meals in the comfort and privacy of their own kitchen.

Assisted Living

The idea of assisted living marries the concepts of independent living and assistance with daily activities.

The staff at Pegasus Senior Living specializes in cultivating an atmosphere for assisted living residents that seamlessly blends these two together, resulting in an experience that is every bit as invigorating to the soul as it is nurturing to the body.

But sometimes, especially for loved ones of residents, the line between independent and assisted living can be blurred, which is why they recommend addressing some of the following questions when it comes to distinguishing the two:

Do most, if not all, daily tasks now pose much more of a challenge than in the past?
Does isolation and lack of social engagement seem more normal than before?
Are there issues with mobility or obtaining access to medical care?

Memory Care

Pegasus Senior Living uses an approach balanced by evidence-based research and holistic methods to treat its memory care residents.

Assisting and caring for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia requires such an approach, in which more attention is paid to the individual rather than the affliction.

The Connections Memory Care Program at Pegasus Senior Living strives to improve both cognitive and physical functioning by adhering to the following principles:

Rely upon proved data to enrich lives — not successful methods of the past
Allow the resident to learn and grow — not remain stagnant
Administer care with the person in mind — not the diagnosis
Treat the resident as an individual — not a number claimed by the disease


Pegasus Senior Living staff commit to serving the needs of every resident and, in doing so, are inspired by whom they serve.

This perhaps unique sense of reciprocation makes all the difference at Pegasus, where the staff-to-resident relationship serves as a catalyst for improving the enriching environment at every community on a daily basis — no matter what.

Driven by resident feedback, executing this improvement may mean tweaking a dish on the lunch menu, introducing a new fitness class, or hiring an experienced stylist for the beauty salon.

More important than how this improvement occurs is that it satisfies the aforementioned core principles at Pegasus. The goal is to provide a truly enriching environment that promotes integrity and dignity through personalization and choice.

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