Brookdale Senior Living

Based in Brentwood, Tennessee, Brookdale Senior Living was founded in 1978 and owns and operates more than 740 retirement communities in 45 states across the U.S. Brookdale communities assist some 65,000 residents with services that range from independent and assisted living to memory care and skilled nursing.

Brookdale serves an additional 20,000 patients through its home health, hospice, and outpatient therapy programs.

As of 2019, Brookdale — routinely listed as the nation’s largest senior care provider in terms of properties and overall units — employed more than 50,000 staff members, and according to the company’s annual report of that same year, approximately 65% of all seniors in the U.S. live within 20 minutes of a Brookdale community.


The mission at Brookdale Senior Living is to enrich the lives of residents with compassion, respect, excellence, and integrity.

All Brookdale staff members are encouraged every day to deeply connect with those they serve on a personal level. This process starts with carefully listening to the unique needs, preferences, and personal tastes of the individual, and this extends to the family members and loved ones of each resident, who can often provide invaluable information to help staff members make the experience as enriching as possible.

At Brookdale, the belief is that growing older does not mean that the options for a full and enriching life have to diminish, nor should aging keep anyone from truly living.


Each Brookdale Senior Living community features what is referred to as Signature Programs, activities designed to accomplish a singular, crucial goal: to optimize the life of each resident.

To accomplish this, each program is constructed via a holistic approach that emphasizes the following six dimensions of wellness:

  • Purposeful: Maintain a sense of identity that brings meaning to life
  • Emotional: Feeling a range of emotions brings about safety and security
  • Physical: Options for exercise, nutrition, and collaborative clinical approaches
  • Social: Establish and maintain strong sense of connection with others
  • Spiritual: Uplifting the soul leads to peace and joy
  • Intellectual: Helps to make choices that engage in all interests

Below are just some of the more popular Signature Programs found at Brookdale communities:


This exercise program uses the most up-to-date research and health guidelines to improve the strength of residents. Eight different class options are available to maximize stimulation and enhance the engagement of the overall program.

The Ageless Spirit

Residents are instructed to practice simple, everyday expressions of joy, kindness, and gratitude. The premise may sound elementary, but the program creates valuable social connections between residents.

My Life Story

Just as it sounds, this program gives residents a stage upon which they are welcome to share their life experiences — and lessons learned along the way — with peers.

Brain Fit

At Brookdale, living a healthy lifestyle means treating the mind every bit as carefully as the body. This program focuses on brain fitness through activities that are designed to form new neural connections.

Rewiring Aging

Residents are exposed to the myriad ways they’re able to stay connected with family and loved ones through the use of digital devices, such as iPads, Apple TVs, voice-activated devices, and more.

Optimum Life Health Talks

More than a lecture series, Brookdale nurses and therapists leverage interactive technology to present residents with the latest research to answer any questions they may have regarding health and wellness.


The variety of spacious, light-filled living options are plenty at Brookdale — from studio floorplans to spacious villas — but that only begins to tell the story of the main benefits and exciting amenities that residents enjoy.

The amenities at Brookdale are broken up into five distinct categories: safety, convenience, recreation, social interaction, and dining.


The well-being of each resident is the top priority of all Brookdale staff. In addition to being equipped with security and check-in systems, every community houses professional staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the living space of every resident comes equipped with an emergency alert system.


A retirement lifestyle should be one characterized by free time — time that each resident spends on doing what brings them joy. Brookdale communities feature a number of conveniences that give residents the chance to live this lifestyle every day, right on-site, including beauty salons, therapy rooms, general stores, and more.


Every Brookdale community encourages residents to be as active as possible, no matter whether that activity is physical or mental. Recreational amenities include fitness centers, walking paths, libraries, games, and arts and craft studios.

Social Interaction

Courtyards and gardens provide fresh air and breathtaking views. Chapels and quaint living rooms inside allow for worship or intimate fireside gatherings. Whether outside or in, properties at Brookdale are deftly designed to maximize invigorating social interaction between residents.


You can find the same four elements in every Brookdale kitchen: delicious food, healthy menu options, attentive staff, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The culinary staff takes great pride in every dish, which are created using resident requests and feedback, but they’re not resting on their laurels. Brookdale operates an extensive on-going training program that educates all kitchen staff on how to enhance their food production and presentation skill sets.