StoryPoint Senior Living

Don’t call StoryPoint a senior living company. Since its founding, the team has preferred the name “senior life connections company.”

After all, it’s these connections — the bonds between staff, community residents, and their families — that have served as the StoryPoint ethos for nearly four decades running.

Every member of the StoryPoint staff, influenced by the company’s “Employee First” culture, strives to achieve the same goal every day: enrich the lives of all residents by connecting with them and their families.

And what StoryPoint does works, and it works well. In 2018, all 14 StoryPoint communities were recognized by for providing exceptional senior care services, a distinction bestowed upon only 1% of all senior living facilities in the country.


Most senior communities offer a number of different care options, but very few understand the subtle variances between the different levels of care and how those variances should be used as criteria to determine the right option for each resident.

StoryPoint understands these variances, offering four distinct care options that cater directly to the unique needs and preferences of every resident. The result is happy residents who live enriching lives because they receive as much independence or assistance as they require.

Independent Living

StoryPoint’s independent living option is for those who still crave full autonomy in everyday life but want to spend that time relaxing, free from the hassle and monotony of common chores, home maintenance, and the like.

Living options include everything from quaint studios to multi-room floorplans, residents can choose without restriction, and you can come and go as you choose. Venture outside the community when you want and return just in time to enjoy a nutritious meal or take in one of the many daily activities with your peers.

Enhanced Living

Even when full autonomy may be the main priority, there may be times when some minimal level of assistance is needed. This is why StoryPoint offers its enhanced living option.

This option provides residents with the same freedom as the independent living option, but it also includes intimate contact with staff to provide daily medication reminders, transportation assistance, or even full housekeeping service.

Assisted Living 

If a resident needs help with activities of daily living (ADLs), StoryPoint handles everything, from medication assistance and health provider coordination to laundry service, housekeeping, special events, and more.

The goal is to take care of all of the details of day-to-day living, so as to benefit the resident and meet the expectations and soothe the concerns of his or her loved ones.

Memory Care

Care for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia requires an environment that’s constantly nurturing and engaging. It also requires a staff that’s qualified and experienced enough to foster that environment.

All StoryPoint memory care staff are held to an extremely high standard, required to complete frequent periods of training and testing to earn the right to care for all residents diagnosed with memory impairment.


Regardless of the level of care each resident requires, StoryPoint strives to provide connections between residents and staff in ways that extend beyond the typical patient-caregiver relationship.

Inspired by what it calls its Four Dimensions of Life Enrichment, StoryPoint produces programming that is designed to engage every resident daily on the following levels: socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Every resident is encouraged to pursue his or her passion, and as such, every month is littered with events that challenge the body and mind, from social outings and fitness classes to cultural events and religious gatherings.