Digital Strike, an innovative digital marketing agency in St. Louis, MO, has launched a new website that helps senior living communities promote their facilities and amenities to prospective residents.

The new site, CaringAdvisor.com, offers listings for premier senior living communities that allow users to search by location to discover resources in their area.

“Throughout our agency’s history, we’ve gained valuable senior living industry insight working with senior living communities across the country,” said Chris Westmeyer, Founder and President of Digital Strike. “With this experience, we’ve decided to create a new resource for senior living communities that allows easier, more cost-effective digital lead generation opportunities than what is currently available.”

CaringAdvisor.com is helping communities during this time of crisis by offering free listing signups and unrestricted access to the leads it generates.

“We’re in this business because we want to help out senior living communities,” continued Westmeyer. “The best way we can help during the current coronavirus pandemic is by giving these facilities one less thing to worry about. Right now, community representatives can sign up their location and reap all the added benefits that come with it, free of charge, indefinitely. These benefits translate to free exposure, free visibility, and free leads, allowing community leaders to maintain focus on the safety and security of their residents while knowing their marketing efforts are still firing on all cylinders.”